Responsible for leading the KGG to victory and focusing the vision of its Executives. Representing the Head of the KGG, the President is responsible for chairing all meetings, representing the guild to outside organizations, and thinking about long term goals for the club.

Vice President

Responsible for taking leadership in the absence of the President. They are the Eyes, Ears, and Mouth of the KGG. Maintaining and monitoring all guild activities to ensure all actions are carried out responsibly with full integrity in mind.


Responsible for keeping the KGG's assets accounted for and is officially designated as "Keeper of the Room". As the Neck of the KGG, the Treasurer holds power to veto decisons against other Executives of assets, inventory and anything regarding financials.


Responsible for organizing all the records of KGG meetings, memberships, and communications. Working as the Spine, the Secretary maintains order and connects newly recruited guild members to the rest of the group and supports the other Executives. Works closely with the Event Coordinator with Guild Hosted Events and has power to veto eachother's decisions.

Event Coordinator

Responsible for all events that are held by the KGG. Doing the most physical work; functions as the Hands of the KGG. Planning and organizing our events down to the last detail, as well as promoting other events on campus that may be of interest to our members. Works financially close with the Treasurer and decision-making with the Secretary.

Honourable Mentions

Members of the community who helped tremendously with the guild out. Thank you so much!

Mascot & Greeter

Jenna Dang

Helped being the prime Supporter, Advertiser, and Welcomer for the guild. She is the probably the first person you meet at every on-campus event.

IT Support & Website Administrator

Beck Rickert

Helped with keeping all the techy stuff in working order, maintaining the website to be up-to-date, and keeping all internal items organized at a digital level. From time to time, will also be the last minute photographer during the guild's major events.