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Our Story & Mission

Let's rollback all the way to March 11, 2014. Our Founding President, Tashi Barungtsang, along with various collegues submitted the club application to the Kwantlen Student Association. He had a vision to bring every student together who has the common interest of gaming. Building a strong social community around it with making friends and having a great time. It's the amazing camaraderie amongst fellow members which keeps us coming back time and time again, to the one place on campus and off too!, you'll always find having fun in. Where everyone knows your name and always glad you came.

Every member plays a big role in keeping this vision alive and not just a statistical number hidden in the masses. Gaming will always be the most important aspect of the club, however shouldn't be the only aspect. As our club keeps evolving Yes, this isn't even our final form, we will need to pursue greater endeavors which reach beyond the club's room.

In more recent times, we've had a DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) group within the guild morph into it's own identity; The Kwantlen Tabletop Club. With this change we are still actively and closely supporting eachother.

And with that, we'll see you in game!
Kwantlen Gaming Guild, we're never AFK.