The Gaming Dead Halloween Events

Our flagship free event for the club. Welcoming all ghouls, zombies, and otherwise mindless gamers. Jam-packed full of events planned. Costume contest with prizes to win. With plenty of snacks, drinks, and pizza throughout the day. Why not stop handing out candy at your front door, put on a costume, and come on by?

Multiplayer Madness Events

Second biggest annual free event in the club. Spring semester all-day gaming event. Satisfy your gaming itch right before hitting deep in the books. Relieve some stress before the final exams season encroaches upon us. Competitive tournaments of all skill levels to compete in!

Winter Gaming Events

Our third largest annual free event for the club. Get out of the frost-biting weather and into the warm indoors. As always pizza and drinks are included. A more co-op and casual "couch" gaming feel compared to the other events we host.

AFK Events

These events are primarily for those who rather eat good food, talk about anything, make new friends, and share some laughs in medium-sized groups. Either as a lunch or dinner event. A poll is made on either our discord server, or facebook group; of where and when we eat. Most places offered in the poll allow drinking, but for those who don't drink can still come and join! And, let us know if you bring your player 2! *Event not free, required to pay for your own food.